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A place to have a quality meal in a relaxing atmosphere…

Palute is a small family restaurant placed on the waterfront of stunning Supetar town, on the island Brač. It is characterised by high quality of service, excellent food and pleasant atmosphere and represents an ideal place to escape from today’s fast way of life.

Our business philosophy is based on preserving the traditional Dalmatian cuisine prevaded with new trends in gastronomy.

Our guests will love to relax on our summer terrace. It offers a spectacular view to the port and the promenade of Supetar.

Rich offer of meals consists from numerous meat and fish specialities made by our skilled chefs which know how to give every meal an irresistible and magical taste. Wide choice of top-quality domestic and international wines is a guarantee of satisfying everyone’s taste.

All our guests can use restaurant’s free WiFi.

We wish you a welcome to our gastronomical heaven!

Owners and staff of restaurant Palute!

Restaurant “Palute”



Besides standard Dalmatian dishes, Brač has many of its own culinary specialities.

The Brač lambs that have not yet tasted grass, only their mother’s milk are well known from ancient times; vitalac is particularly appreciated by gourmets – lamb’ s offal (liver, milt, heart, lungs) skewered and wrapped in lamb’s sheath. After baking them on live coals, the sticks are wrapped in lamb’s intestines and then baked for another hour. Vitalac is then cut and eaten while the guests wait for the whole lamb to be baked. Another speciality is butalac – stuffed lamb’s leg rubbed down with scented grass and splashed with wine or prosecco; as well as janjeći tingul (stewed lamb) and lamb in “teća” (saucepan).

Brač cheese is also quite famous. Procip is made of fresh cheese (not older than 24 hours) which is cut into slices and baked in caramelized sugar. A traditional and invigorating drink is smutica – made of 4/5 of fresh goat’s milk and 1/5 of red wine; legend tells that it was recommended by Hippocrates himself. Its taste and colour are unforgettable.



Olive oil from Brač set to conquer Europe

On the Dalmatian island of Brač, in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, extensive research and inventory of indigenous varieties of olives has begun. The purpose of the project is to create a basis for branding varietal extra virgin olive oil which can conquer the European market.

The olives need to be of high quality with a distinctive taste and research has already begun on the eastern side of the island, where a rare variety of buhavica is grown, (buhavica is considered to be authentic Brač olive), reports daily newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija. Brač has more than half a million cultivated trees and almost still unrevealed as the most developed olive growing region in Croatia.

Brač has Venice to thank for their olive industry. The Venice senate in 1565 made the decision to plant olive trees in all neglected areas on the island. There were fines for those who damaged the plantations and in the case of repeated offending, deportation from the island for 10 years.



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